About ARM

With your mighty ARM you redeemed your people... Psalm 77:15

Anthony Revis Ministries (ARM) is the ministry network of Dr. Anthony Revis. The vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible education, published media, creative arts, and mentoring under the guide of the Holy Spirit.  Anthony Revis Ministries is incorporated in the State of Michigan USA as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 ecclesiastical (church) organization. It is a Christian based organization that follows the principles of the Holy Bible. 

Dr. Anthony Revis BIO


Ministry Leadership

Dr. Anthony Revis is the founder of Anthony Revis Ministries (ARM). He holds a Ph.D. in Theology and a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Dr. Revis is also a University professor. He believes very firmly in Bible and secular education.

Dr. Revis is the founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Ministries Church, Midland, Michigan. Under his leadership, Faith Ministries Church erected a $1.5 million facility that is now debt free. He is the Apostle over the Father's ARM Covenant Partners.

Dr. Revis has robust church organizational acumen. He encourages using sound business practices and strategies in the execution of ministry visions. He willingly shares his insights with  pastors and ministry workers.


Publishing is at the heart of Anthony Revis Ministry. Not only does Dr. Revis publish for himself, but he helps others to do likewise. His books include devotional, spiritual growth, youth, and educational. His written insights about God are vivid with profound revelations. He also writes the curriculum for his Bible College.

Bible College

ARM Bible Training Institute (ARM BTI) is the Bible College of Dr. Anthony Revis. It is a Christian certified educational institution with campus and distance learning programs. ARM BTI  offers a Ph.D. granting curriculum for seasoned, busy pastors. The curriculum is theologically sound and matches that of other Bible colleges.

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