ARM Professional Services

Organizational Structure


Whether you are a large, small, or new upstart church, we can help with your structure. We examine all fascists on how you function and show you how to do it better. ARM conducts church workshops. Learn more...

Non-Profit Filing


We can help you get your church non-profit filed as a 501 (c) 3 without a lot of hassle. ARM is not a law firm, but all of our filings to date in the state of Michigan have been successful. ARM knows how to do non-profit filings.

Ministry Licensing


ARM trains both pastoral and lay ministers through our Bible College and will license both. Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to become certified for ministry work. Learn more... 

Graphics and Visual Media


ARM can develop awesome graphics and websites for church, office, social media, and more. We do logos, letterhead, postcards, business cards, and much more.  ARM graphics are affordable. Learn more... 

Ghost Writing


ARM can ghostwrite or edit your book for you. ARM can even turn those audio sermons into books.  ARM can also set up awesome communications templates to wow your constituents. Learn more...

Bible College Curriculum


Let ARM help you install a Bible College curriculum at your church of Bible school.  Or, perhaps you would like to become a satellite campus of our Bible College? Let us help you. Learn more..

Ministry and Outreach

Dr. Anthony Revis is Senior Pastor of Faith Ministries Church, Midland, Michigan. Learn more there.

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